The last RAW photo editor you'll ever need.

Photo editing software today is painfully inefficient for photographers taking several hundreds or thousands of pictures on an event.

SilverNode will take away frustration, and give you back the freedom to shoot photos, without worrying about editing them.

We want SilverNode to …

  • be an extremely fast photo editor on every computer.
  • have an elegant workflow.
  • predict your desired edit settings by learning your style.
  • produce high-quality photos.
  • be intuitive, yet powerful.

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Extremely High Performant

SilverNode's primary goal is and always will be to deliver high-quality and fast software. It should run on almost all hardware from 2010 and onwards, delivering unprecedented performance, resulting in a joyful experience while editing your photos. We get the most out of your hardware, by carefully crafting handmade software!

Artificial Intelligence Guided Editing

The SilverNode AI will learn your style and will make better and better initial guesses for your adjustments. You will cruise through your photos with unprecedented speed, as the amount of manual work needed diminishes.


SilverNode intentionally does not build a catalogue from your photos. You are in complete control of your photos and folders. SilverNode creates one additional (plain-text) file next to the original RAW file, containing all necessary information (which you can even check in in git!).

Blender and Vim-style controls

Elegant controls have the potential of speeding up your workflow a lot. SilverNode offers three ways to edit and navigate your photos:

  • Blender-style: one hand on the keyboard, one hand on the mouse.
  • Vim-style: both hands on your powerful keyboard!
  • Lightroom-style: inefficiently drag sliders with the mouse.

Fully Cross-Platform

SilverNode is built to run on all platforms: Linux, macOS, and Windows. It has support for OpenGL, Vulkan, Direct3D, and Metal (thanks to bgfx). Finally a high-quality fully cross-platform RAW photo editor!


(In chronological order)

SilverNode Devlog 000: Introduction of the fastest RAW editor.

SilverNode Devlog 001: Early Auto Edit, Grid Improvements, and Split Toning.

SilverNode Devlog 002: New effects! HSL, Local Contrast, Shadows & Highlights, ...

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